Thursday, December 5, 2013

Injury Advice Adendum

I received a notice from Sharon Z. that the advice on injuries was lacking an entry on the achilles tendon.  I should have noted in the article that I am currently suffering from damage to the right achilles tendon, and as it is my first such injury, I was not ready to include a remedy.

However, I am far enough along to state a few notes.  What is not working:

1.  Running up steep hills.  The achilles tends towards the painful side.
2.  Running in 1 foot of snow.  The achilles tends towards the painful side.
3.  Sprinting.  The achilles tends towards the painful side.
4.  Running backwards while carrying a black Russian (the drink, not the human).  The achilles tends towards the painful side.

What has promise:

1.  Running in 2 inches of slush and ice.  This seems to be the ideal running surface to avoid stress to the injured area.  The "toe push" directly before the foot leaves contact with the slush tends to slide the foot back, which avoids loading the achilles tendon.
2.  Easy downhill run.  Same as #1, no stress during foot lift, but it is difficult to find longish downhill sections without (duh!) longish uphill sections.
3.  Running forward with a black Russian.  The alcohol tends to relax the area and mask the pain.  Again, this is slightly problematic as I tend to spill the drink.  Before you ask, I'm one who frowns on filling a water bottle with black Russians.  It's a flavour thing.

That's it!  Short, sweet and of dubious help.

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